Kenya: Producer sets out to cut a niche in documentaries


Director Feisal Malik of Visual Africa Productions LTD, Producers of documentary, “The Last in Line” is finalizing post production.

They will be bringing this story on the ravages of poaching, and the African Elephant’s plight to DISCOP    Africa    2013.    The documentary is primarily shot in the scenic T savo East National Park, in Kenya, home to the last great tuskers of Africa. The Business Daily in Kenya recently ran a story on the project. You can find the article online on this link:

A wildlife documentary filmmaker and photographer in Kenya fully immersed in the industry since 2002, Feisal feels passionately about this production, “I cannot stand by and watch the encroachment over land belonging to wildlife and the slaughter of Elephants because of the demand for ivory. At the very least I hope this documentary will raise awareness and compassion for these majestic animals. People have got to see the beauty of what’s being destroyed.”

The 53 minutes’ documentary educates viewer on how poaching trends are drastically reducing the numbers of elephants in Kenya and what it will entail for humans to take responsibility for that fact. “My dream is for the population numbers of the African Elephant to soar again and that our children and their children will still be able to see the African Elephant in person, in the wild, as opposed to seeing them in pictures and documentaries as gigantic species that once roamed the earth freely but who has lost their place in this world due to human greed” added Feisal.

Visual Africa Productions will be based in the Kenyan Pavilion at DISCOP
Africa 2013. To set up a meeting with Feisal and to learn more about the documentary, do mail him on Feisal(at) .