Côte d’Ivoire: regulatory framework toward DTT

Regulation & Policy

The consultation workshop between Ivorian experts and the Commission of the West African Monetary Union (UEMOA) ended with the adoption of recommendations calling on the Ivorian government to establish a legal and institutional framework for the audiovisual sector in Ivory Coast that incorporates the requirements of the transition to digital TV (DTT or ‘TNT’ in French).

The workshop called the Ivorian government to conduct an open feasibility study to implement a production unit for DTT decoders. It also recommends a comprehensive mass awareness program, involving government and decentralized communities, to provide chances of success in the process of migrating to digital by 2015.

The Chief of Staff of the Minister of Communication, Doumbia Mori, reassured participants on the fact that the Ivorian DTT process will be completed on the date of 17 June 2015.

This workshop was facilitated by experts from the Commission of the UEMOA, the Ivorian Ministry of Communication, Post and Information Technology and Communication and the National Committee of migration to Digital terrestrial TV (CNM-TNT).