Globecast to Offer IP/MPLS-Based Broadcast Services in 2014

Technology & Convergence

At IBC2013, Globecast announced plans to offer IP/MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) technology using the Globecast Backbone Network (GCBN) in 2014.

An international DTM (Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode) network that spans five continents with 92,000 km of fiber, the GCBN reaches 32 points of presence around the globe. Globecast will operate IP/MPLS side by side with DTM technologies to provide its broadcast clients with the widest range of options for content delivery via more traditional linear services as well as non-linear and multi-platform offerings.

For permanent, full-time linear broadcast delivery, DTM is the current standard; Globecast allows its clients to reach new markets and connect to major bouquet operators, broadcasters, playout facilities, media centers, and teleports worldwide thanks to its extensive DTM network on three continents. However, as broadcasters continue to diversify and expand their offerings beyond linear programming to VOD and other non-linear services, they require reliable capabilities for delivering file-based content. For example, this file-based delivery will be especially useful for broadcasters that use Globecast for their playout operations.