Get ready for the Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival


Taking place from 24 October to 3 November 2013, the Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival will take attendees on a cinematic journey to discover how Africans see themselves in the world we all share. Following the spirit of Africa visitors will travel across forgotten Kingdoms, follow Islamic pilgrimages, see the life-changing effects of revolutions and reimagine notions of what it means to be African in the modern world.

The festival theme for 2013 is Twende: Africa on the Move (“twende” is a Swahili word which translates as “let’s go!”), capturing Africa’s diverse richness and beauty through movement. Using this overarching theme organisers have devised a programme that encapsulates all types of movement.

The films are grouped into twelve different strands. The link between movement, film and culture is brought to the fore through a programme of films, symposiums, distribution forums and through a Nomad Cinema series, educational workshops, music performances and arts exhibitions.

The festival opens in Edinburgh on Thursday 24 October with a screening of Grigris, the inspiring story of a young man living in N'Djamena, capital of Chad, who dreams of becoming a dancer in spite of his physical disability and his dangerous involvement with a gang of petrol smugglers, and in Glasgow on Friday 25 October with a screening of Of Good Report, the semi-comic - and controversial - story of an English teacher who has an illicit affair with one of his pupils.

The festival closes in Edinburgh on Sunday 3 November with a screening of The Forgotten Kingdom, a poetic journey through the stunning rural hills of Lesotho, a tiny country landlocked by South Africa, and in Glasgow on the same night with a closing night party featuring an East African-themed VJ event inspired by a phenomenon that has emerged predominantly in Uganda and Tanzania and utilising AiM’s ever-growing short film collection.

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