Thema starts selling an OTT box to deliver Le Bouquet Africain almost anywhere in European Union

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Thema TV, distributor and agent for themed and ethnic TV channels worldwide announced the launch « Le Bouquet Africain - La Box TV » in partnership with Alpha Networks.  With strong demand for Le Bouquet Africain in several European markets, Thema has decided to launch an “OTT box” allowing its viewers to receive African TV channels anywhere within the European Union (apart from France) with a simple broadband internet connection. Balancing Act’s Sylvain Béletre met up with François Thiellet, CEO of Thema to talk about it.

The most remarkable thing about this launch is that it is the very first ‘OTT-box’ providing African TV channels across Europe. Thanks to this technology, all you have to do is plug the box « Le Bouquet Africain La Box TV » to your TV, then connect it to the Internet (by Wifi or cable) and you have access to a selection of African TV channels. Thema has chosen Alpha Networks as the technical partner for this project.

 “Le Bouquet Africain La Box TV” , allows viewers to watch African content in the comfort of their own homes, with 20 major African national public and private TV channels, coming from 11 French speaking African countries: Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Mali, Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Benin.

This kind of OTT box allows content providers a cost-effective way of reaching geographically dispersed niche audiences like francophone African diaspora communities. In anglophone territories in Africa and its diaspora communities, the first OTT box was launched by OTV last year.

“Le Bouquet Africain La Box TV” will be available starting the week of the 28 October 2013 within the European Union (except France) using a geoblocking feature: demand is likely to be strongest in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium where the African diaspora is the strongest. Right now, a broadband access of 2 Mbps is required to be eligible.

France is not targeted by this product because “Le Bouquet Africain” is already available via most cable and ADSL telecoms providers in the country.

The Sub-Saharan African populations present in Europe will be able to find their TV roots around three packages with no strings attached:

-1 month at 14.99€/month + 75 euros for the box
-6 months at 79.99€ + 75 euros for the box
-179.99€ for 1 year subscription including the box shipped for free.

A dedicated website with a tutorial to help install the “Box” as well as a network of showrooms were put in place to support the distribution. To simplify the logistics, a central office will despatch boxes to consumers via UPS.

For more information and to subscribe to the package click here:

Thema is also celebrated the first anniversary of “Nollywood TV” launched on 1 October 2012 which now has a customer base of 105,000 premium subscribers in France. Thema has in its portfolio some 100 international channels and has built strong relationships with major pay TV platforms in France, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.  


To find out more about Thema and the TV Channels in its portfolio visit their website:
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