South Africa: OpenView HD prices revealed


On 26 September 2013 hosted a swanky affair to officially launch their four new channels that go live on 15 October. The event was attended by members of the media, bigwigs and advertisers and gave a sneak peak of what each channel has to offer.

Four channels will be launching on the new satellite platform OpenView HD as part of a multi-channel bouquet. If you missed the ins and outs of it, please see:'s new channels: what you need to know.

Since publishing the story we've received loads of queries from readers asking what it's going to cost. There's no monthly subscription but what's the set-up price?

With this in mind we put our noses to the ground (while sipping a glass of party vino!) to get the latest on how the pricing will work. We chatted to the key players in the fold: Marcel Golding (CEO of Sabido Investments),'s Head of Channels Monde Twala and the MD of OpenView HD, Maxwell Nonge.

Turns out the reason that the price hasn't been set as one single figure is because various retailers will be pricing it differently, particularly when they're offering bundles however everyone was able to confirm that the ceiling price for a full package will be R1,599.

This is the recommended ceiling price for a package consisting of the decoder, satellite dish and installation. Each decoder will come with an installation voucher so once you've bought the decoder and satellite you'll call an accredited installer who'll come to you to install it.

The reason the prices will vary from retailer to retailer is because some of them will be offering bundles and specials. For instance some might offer the package for free if you buy a certain TV or other entertainment technology. These bundles are at the discretion of the retailers so they'll put the bundles together which means that we should see variety in what's on offer.

The decoders will also be sold separately from the dish. If you have TopTV you can use the TopTV dish - the dish faces the right direction and has the correct capabilities needed for OpenView. The stand alone decoder price will be approximately R700.