Top movies on BitTorrent, iTunes, DStv BoxOffice


The top 10 pirated movies from Torrentfreak are compared to what is available through legal channels

Torrentfreak has released its list of the top 10 most downloaded movies using the BitTorrent protocol for the week ending 25 September 2013.

While World War Z retained the top spot, which is where it entered last week, 5 new entrants to the ranking pushed a number of movies down and out of the list.

Star Trek Into Darkness, The Kings of Summer, The Bling Ring, I Spit On Your Grave 2, and Iron Man 3 all dropped off the chart, but Pain & Gain hung on for its fifth week in a row.

Four out of the ten titles in the chart are available for buy and/or rent on the US iTunes store, while another four titles are on pre-order.

None of the titles are available in the South African iTunes store.

Torrentfreak Rank    Movement    Movie    # weeks    iTunes

1    -    World War Z    2    US purchase only
2    New    This is the End    1    US pre-order only
3    New    Jobs    1    N/A
4    New    The Hangover Part III   1    US pre-order only
5    Down 3    Now You See Me    4    US
6    Down 3    We’re The Millers (Webrip)    4    US pre-order only
7    New    The Croods    1    US purchase only
8    Down 3    Pain and Gain    5    US
9    New    The World’s End (Webrip)1    US pre-order only
10  Down 6    Kick-Ass 2 (R6)    3    N/A

Apple has its own charts of the top 100 songs, albums, TV shows, movies, and apps that it sells through its US iTunes store.

Unfortunately the same charts are not available for iTunes South Africa, though Apple does list the bestselling items in each genre.

These movies are available for purchase from R90 to R150 depending on the film and whether you’re buying the standard or high definition version.

Some films can also be rented for between R20 and R40, depending on the title and format.

The table below summarises the top 5 movies in every genre, excluding documentaries, as listed on the South African iTunes storefront.
Rank    Action & Adventure    Comedy    Drama    Horror
1    Iron Man 3    Klein Karoo    Inside Man    Devil
2    Fast & Furious 6    Semi-soet    Zero Dark Thirty    The Caller
3    Trance    Pitch Perfect    Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters    28 Weeks Later
4    A Good Day to Die Hard    Parental Guidance    Life of Pi    The Hills Have Eyes (Unrated)
5    Skyfall    Identity Thief    Django Unchained    Dead Silence (2007)

DStv BoxOffice is a local competitor to the iTunes movie rental service which also offers online rentals, whether they are DStv subscribers or not.

Subscribers to DStv’s Extra and Premium bouquets receive reduced pricing and also have the option to rent a limited subset of movies using their decoders.

The BoxOffice website has a list of the most popular films on the service, which are given in no particular order:
DStv BoxOffice most popular   
21 & Over   
Death to Smoochy   
G.I. Joe: Retaliation   
Iron Man 3   
Texas Chainsaw   
The Brave One   
The Dukes of Hazzard   
Won’t Back Down   
DStv BoxOffice most popular   
Price: R10 to R30, via either Non-subscriber, online or Subscriber, PVR