Côte Ouest moves into production



CÔTE OUEST AUDIOVISUEL is a privately owned, independent film and television distribution company, widely recognized as the leader in sales and distribution of audio-visual content for and from Africa and the African Diaspora. Established in 1997, by Mr. Bernard Azria, a highly respected African entrepreneur, Cote Ouest has created and developed an audiovisual trade culture based on integrity and respect of intellectual property rights.

CÔTE OUEST has offices in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Casablanca (Morocco) and Ebene (Mauritius) and Kinshasa (Congo) making it ideally positioned to offer a swift and superior service to its customer-base across the entire Africa continent, and for localised and simultaneous engagement with a diverse client base. It is also responsive to Africa’s varied socio-economic landscape, offering its customers innovative solutions to finance their acquisitions.

CÔTE OUEST distributes annually to 311 TV channels over 42 markets an average of 20,000 hours of programs, across TV dramas and telenovelas, feature films, factual documentaries and series, TV movies, and kids animation. It offers a one-stop destination for African buyers to access high quality content from the United States, Latin America and Europe, with exclusive deals in place with the likes of Disney, CBS, MGM, or Warner. CÔTE OUEST is also the exclusive distributor of Brazilian giant producer GLOBO TV for Africa and the French overseas territories, and distributes annually nearly 500 hours of telenovelas. CÔTE OUEST is uniquely positioned to respond to the cultural and linguistic diversity of Africa’s consumer needs, and such content is dubbed into French and English versions.

With its expertise and extensive knowledge of the African markets, CÔTE OUEST also offers its customers innovative solutions to finance their acquisitions, particularly through bartering operations, in this respect our business models are responsive to Africa’s varied socio-economic landscape.


Côte Ouest's new production arm presents new programmes:

The first innovative concept, Africa Zapping is a compilation of three minute extracts from various TV channels in French speaking Africa, depicting the social, media and political life characteristics of Franco-phone Africa.

The company is also able to reveal its very first co-production, SABURI, a home-grown multi-platform African comedic detective series conceived by Côte Ouest and Dv8 Films for SABC2, South Africa’s multi-lingual free-to-air channel.


Mike Dearham, SVP, Côte Ouest, says:  “These are exciting times for Côte Ouest and the African TV sector in general. For the first time in the continents history of television, we are witnessing an unstoppable combination of technical push and commercial pull. Therefore the production and distribution plan for SABURI and the other Côte Ouest productions will be responsive to this important shift.


Given the fantastic growth in the African media sector, our decision to move into production was a natural progression. The Côte Ouest production strategy aims to deliver a variety of pan-African audio-visual products intended for global distribution across a variety of traditional and digital platforms. In turn, leveraging the best human, creative and technical resources across African regions and countries is the cornerstone of our strategy.


Our production plan is also mindful of the increasing digital presence in Africa, therefore all Côte Ouest productions will be created in TV, mobile and online formats.”   


Africa Zapping is a collection of clips from popular culture and television from last 24 hours.  The three minute shows will include outstanding, moving and even strange TV moments that have been previously broadcast on French speaking African channels. 


SABURI Project (13x48') is a dynamic, character driven television series named after a sassy protagonist: Saburi.  The series follows the conventions of a detective comedy genre where the heroine, uses her deductive ability, social skills, and prowess to solve problems and maintain peace in the world of the story. SABURI is not just a portal into a world of comedy and detective work, but a showcase of a 'New Africa' and all of its socio-cultural and economic nuances. The show also highlights the strong role women play within today’s society in Africa through the main character, Saburi.  Côte Ouest retains the international distribution rights for SABURI.


The Côte Ouest team will be available during DISCOP to present all projects in development in more detail.