Gospel Music TV shortlisted for the music prize at this year's Eutelsat TV Awards


Music channels have transformed our relationship with performers, musical trends and music culture. Passion and innovative curating by thematic TV channels have taken us way beyond mainstream music, created a platform for independent artists and deepened our exposure to beats and melodies from an endless range of cultures.

The three channels shortlisted for the music prize at this year's Eutelsat TV Awards are each a powerful illustration of the power of music and how programme makers are in touch with their audiences, adding more weight to Nietzsche's belief that "Without music, life would be a mistake"!

The three channels are A One Hip-Hop Music Channel -  Russia's first channel dedicated to youth culture – hip-hop, rap and R'n'B, dance, graffiti and extreme sports; Mezzo Live HD is a 100% full native HD channel, edited by Lagardère Active in partnership with France Télévisions, offering classical music, opera, ballet and jazz from the world's greatest stages; and Gospel Music TV.

Gospel Music TV is a brand new venture by UK-based C-Music Entertainment addressing the fastest-growing music genre in sub-Saharan Africa. The channel was launched in September 2012 as a 100% gospel music channel with local African content sourced from independent artists and record labels in the region, including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania and Uganda. A permanent office and local production hub has also been set up in Kampala, Uganda. Nigerian hip-hop styles blend with the choral traditions of Kenya and tribal influences of Rwanda, making Gospel Music TV a unique proposition in Africa's music channel scene.