Africabox launches OTT offering


Channels from the Africabox network now offer all their programmes on the web, smartphones and tablets, either live or on demand, using a comprehensive integrated solution provided by TDF Media Services.

As an independent group, Africabox offers thematic pay-TV channels dedicated to the culture of sub-Saharan Africa. It was introduced on IPTV networks in 2009 with the pay TV music channel Africabox TV, available from major cable providers, and has recently launched Africabox Séries, a second channel devoted to cinema and fiction.
Africabox is now partnering up with TDF Media Services to make all its contents available as an OTT offering, making it easier for viewers to access both its channels and providing them with more services, including live or on-demand programs.
To that effect, the companies that make up TDF Media Services (Cognacq-Jay Image, Qbrick, and SmartJog) have developed a fully integrated solution. As a result, Africabox subscribers will have unlimited access to Africabox TV and Africabox Séries, either live or on-demand, 24/7. They will be able to view both channels at the same time, and to rewind up to 3 hours after the beginning of a program.

“Our comprehensive offer, which includes content acquisition for both channels, transcoding, catalog management, and content delivery network (CDN), allowed us to offer Africabox a turnkey solution”, says Michael Da-Silva, Business Development Manager.

The new service, available from October 28, 2013, gives subscribers unlimited access to the two channels’ contents using either a Windows or Mac interface, smartphones and tablets, for a subscription starting at €3.99/month.