Egypt: The Shrinking Space of Fundamental Freedoms

Regulation & Policy

FIDH is highly concerned about the increasingly shrinking space of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly in Egypt. Over the past three months, and in particular after President Mohamed Morsy was deposed on July 3rd 2013, the country has witnessed a very hostile environment to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

The extreme political polarization gripping the country shows no signs of abating. On one side, some Egyptians have been praising the military for its intervention in July 2013 and the removal of Mohamed Morsy, while others have condemned the armed forces for the killings of hundreds of protesters on several occasions in July and August 2013.

On October 25th, Egyptian satirical TV host Bassem Youssef highlighted this polarization and poked fun at the entire political situation, including at the military. The show generated a massive controversy and the channel hosting the show, CBC released a statement on October 26th apologizing to its viewers for the content which it considered as “mocking the feelings of the Egyptian people and its icons”.

Then, moments before the second episode was supposed to air on November 1st, CBC channel released a statement saying that the show (“Al Bernameg”), had been put off air until further notice.

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