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Technology & Convergence

- For MultiChoice, it has become increasingly clear that the DStv Mobile and DStv Online businesses enjoy huge overlaps and should be integrated into one unit. These businesses will be merged into a single entity with immediate effect and the combined business unit will be headed up by John Kotsaftis, current CEO of DStv Online.
- Scheduled to appear at December’s Digital TV World Summit, Mark Harrison is Controller of Production for BBC North, and in this exclusive interview  gives IP&TV a fascinating perspective on how the most prestigious broadcasting company is thinking about 4K/UltraHD.

- Netflix have uploaded a number of versions of a seven-minute, documentary-style film of Mexico called El Fuente. It can be viewed in six resolutions in all, including 25 MP, 30 MP, 50 MP, 2997 MP, and 5994 MP, and, most significantly for next generation TV, 4K. This 4K clip is eight minutes long at 24-frames a second (that’s 11,520 frames in all, according to the IP&TV in-house calculator).
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has already gone on record with his intention to deliver 4k to the streaming service by 2014, claiming you’ll only need about 15 Mbps to watch 4k videos. To put this in impressive perspective, a 1080p Super HD video from Netflix utilises roughly 5-7 Mbps.