African producers: Do you Want your Program aired by Zuku TV?

Here is what you need.

The Zuku brand reflects a new, fresh and innovative range of products and services targeting the modern African consumer making it an exciting, relevant and affordable option for home entertainment and communication.

As a brand, Zuku aims to give customers the greatest value for their money without compromising service quality.

The Programming Group is committed to working closely with local producers and directors to develop the East African Media Industry and grow the amount of high quality local content that is shown on Zuku channels.  In addition they have started an initiative to represent local content at global content marketplaces as a means to further enhance revenues to local productions.

Zuku has numerous home grown channels which include Zuku Afrika, Zuku Life, Zuku Movies Max, Zuku Movies Gold, Zuku Movies Family , Zuku Movies Action & Zuku Sports.
If you are a producer/film maker out there trying to get your content and have failed, how about trying Zuku we are looking for content to serve our many channels.

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ZIFF is currently accepting applications from African filmmakers (including the African Diaspora) and films from the Dhow Countries’ region- India, Pakistan, South East Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, The Persian Gulf, and the Indian Ocean Islands. Films from Europe, North America and Australia may also be submitted out of competition but all documentary films are viable for competition. All films must have been produced after June 2011. ZIFF however, reserves the right to accept any film with specific interest to the festival. Films reflecting the theme of global cultural interaction, cultural encounters or sociocultural commentary will be given priority and we encourage filmmakers to submit works in any genre. We will accept submissions of works in progress. However, films must be semi-completed no later than April 1st, 2014.

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The deadline for the submission of proposals to produce a live to air, television broadcast for the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) 2014/15 (RFT09/2013) has been extended to the 8th of November 2013.