The “Wikileaks of Africa” has a web channel, SaharaTV


The “Wikileaks of Africa” has a web channel, SaharaTV. Its YouTube channel has 31,025 subscribers and 9,521,610 views.

Created in April 2011, SaharaTV is the broadcast outlet of SaharaReporters, the groundbreaking online news medium commonly referred to as the “Wikileaks of Africa.” A fiercely independent media enterprise, SaharaTV, is an advocacy and watchdog journalism outlet for the free and unfettered exchange of thought and opinion with the goal of advancing a progressive generation of Africans and people of African descent who are fully informed about their government and the political forces that determine their future; and are prepared to act in the pursuit of justice and human rights. Report yourself.

So how does SaharaTV work?

A truly innovative multimedia platform, SaharaTV readily engages the latest digital communication and social media technologies to maintain a dynamic interaction network with viewers through 1) the weekly live Web broadcast and 2) 24 hours video content available for viewing on Roku. SaharaTV focuses on the under-reported stories that may not be covered in mainstream Western media outlets. SaharaTV is committed to the struggle for democratic values and transparency in Africa.

How can you watch SaharaTV?

It’s easy! SaharaTV conducts a live Web broadcast every Saturday from 12:00 PM – 4:00PM (Eastern Standard Time). You can watch this show on our Facebook page or on Sahara Reporters, SaharaTV or on Roku at Also, you can watch SaharaTV 24 hours a day, on demand, on Roku.