Startup Accelerator in Africa


In a continent fraught with high unemployment rates, lack of access to startup business loans, high interest rates, very high failure rates with businesses, corruption being named in high places and leaders being tainted with lack of integrity and a general economic hardship, ServLed could not have come at a better time to offer an easy and better route to create viable businesses that operate above reproach, develop a generation of leaders who have integrity and are committed to solving the numerous challenges associated with unemployment, especially among the youth. 

ServLed Africa is a management services company that helps businesses develop the legal and management structures required for sustainable growth.  For Startups, the company provides accelerator type services to ensure optimization of their business model. With a passion and goal of seeing African companies operate with world class standards and outlive their founders into 2nd and future generations, ServLed provides selected entrepreneurs (who have disruptive business ideas that utilize technology to solve relevant social issues) with office space, seed funding, mentoring from its extensive value network as well as hands-on support to develop viable, repeatable, sustainable and scalable business models. Starting its services from Ghana, and using the lean startup model, ServLed provides seed funding and other business resources to entrepreneurs in exchange for equity in the business venture.

The accelerator work area in its East Legon office has been nicknamed "The African Village" to reflect the great ideals and resources that are found and or birthed in Africa. ServLed’s team is made up of experienced business executives and a value network of highly successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Together, they bring the needed expertise and management experience to nurture the entrepreneurs and put structure around their ideas turning them into sustainable and successful businesses that attract funding from the likes of Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.

With a capacity to churn out 5 startups every 6 months, the entrepreneurs that make it through the highly interactive, informative, inspiring and educative program must have developed the foundation of doing business the right way and also acquired the structure needed to become viable, self-sustainable businesses within the six month period. 

Practically, ServLed’s offering means that - no longer will entrepreneurs with great business ideas have to wait to have all the needed start-up capital to enable them launch their business.  If you or someone you know needs help to start their business, simply contact ServLed and see if your idea is chosen to be one of the very few that make it.

Are you an Investor looking for a business that has the right legal and management structure with great growth prospects? Would you like to give back by mentoring young entrepreneurs with disruptive business ideas?  Is it your dream to see a World where a sizeable number of African companies become sustainable and outlive their founders into future generations?  If you answered Yes to all these questions, then join ServLed’s Angel Investor group of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who are committed to bringing excellence in the ways businesses operate in Africa.

ServLed has started a revolution - nurturing a generation of businesses and leaders from Africa that operate successful enterprises with integrity and above reproach.  For all who are tired of unending cases of corruption and who hunger and thirst to see African businesses outlive their founders to future generations; this is an opportunity to be part of the solution - why not join the revolution today!

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