Regulation & Policy - In Brief

Regulation & Policy

- Follow the first web TV in West Africa dedicated to human rights here:

- Public French audiovisual production fund for the South granted EUR 300 000 to 17 fiction and documentary projects. During its second session in November 2013, the Francophone Fund selected 17 television projects from 16 different countries. The total amount allocated is 300 000 euros. The Francophone audiovisual production Fund for the South takes place since 1988 under the program Images of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF). It has an annual $ 1.3 million budget equally divided between cinema and audiovisual production.

- Kenya’s leading manufacturing conglomerate, Kenafric has been sued by United States TV giant, Time Warner on Copyright infringement of its cartoon trademark product, BEN 10. BEN 10 is a popular American cartoon franchise created by Cartoon Networks and “Man of Action”. With three Emmys under its belt, the cartoon has grossed over $22 billion in sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Cartoon Networks Inc., the TV unit of Time Warner wants the Kenyan conglomerate to stop the production of its chewing gum with BEN 10 branded wrapping paper. Source: Ventures Africa