Senegalese cinema celebrated in Paris!


From 22nd to 24th November 2013 in a friendly atmosphere, Parisians were invited to discover or rediscover the Senegalese cinema, classic and contemporary.

Senegalese capital, Dakar, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for filmmakers: Sembene Ousmane, Samba Félix Ndiaye Serigne Diop Alice MBodj, the older and the newer found their perfect muse in this city.

During three days, through fiction and documentary, viewers discovered all facets of "Ndakaru". A tribute was paid to the deceased director Khady Sylla through his film "une fenêtre ouverte".

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The French Institute and the City of Paris in 2013 implemented the Tandem Dakar-Paris, in partnership with the City of Dakar. This program honored young people in 2013 and the Paris Dakar talents followed the signing of the pact of friendship between Paris and Dakar in 2011 endorsing a long history of friendship.

This is the third edition of this artistic and cultural platform developed jointly by the two institutions (in 2011, Buenos Aires and in 2012 with Berlin). From March to June, the Dakar part of Tandem showcased more than 50 events in Paris 20 places in the Senegalese capital, and gathered some 26,000 spectators. The component " Paris Dakar " has just ended, and starts the component " Paris Dakar " , which runs from September to December 2013.

Tandem Paris - Dakar is implemented by the French Institute, with the support of the City of Paris, the City of Dakar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture and Communication .

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