South Africa: Playboy Plus package on StarSat


On Digital Media (ODM) recently announced the launch of the Playboy Plus package on its StarSat (formerly TopTV) satellite pay TV service.

The bouquet will initially include the channels Playboy TV, compiled and supplied by Playboy TV UK/Benelux Limited, and Private Spice at a cost of R159/month. Discounts are available for a 12-month subscription, according to the Playboy TV website.

Although both Playboy TV and Private Spice are “24 hour erotic entertainment” channels, they will only be available in South Africa during the so-called “watershed period” between 20:00 and 05:00.

This is in accordance with the license that the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) issued to ODM, the broadcaster said in a statement announcing the launch of the channels.

ODM said that the content is adult entertainment in the form of scripted dramas and is in line with the South African Film and Publications Board’s R18 and X rating.

In addition to only broadcasting during certain times, ODM has also restricted access to the channels using a “double PIN system”.

Asked how the system works, ODM said that when a subscriber switches to one of the adult channels the screen will be black with an instruction to enter the 4-digit PIN code.

“On doing so, another black screen comes up, asking for another PIN code,” a spokesperson for ODM said. “Only then will the channel content be visible.”

In its statement announcing the launch of its porn bouquet, ODM said that it will be adding additional adult channels in 2014.

The South African Playboy TV website listed a partial schedule for Desire TV, but when asked about it ODM said they would advise “if and when there are plans to introduce this channel.”

Asked when subscribers might expect new adult channels to be added, and whether they would cost extra, ODM said that they could not say at this stage.

Source: mybroadband - Jan Vermeulen-December 10, 2013.