Only 2 out of 54 African countries completed analogue TV switch off


A state of play has been made after the work of the 7th Conference of the Network of African communication regulators (Réseau des instances africaines de régulation de la communication - Riarc):  only 2 out of 54 African countries completed analogue TV switch off, namely Tanzania (partly according to Balancing Act's latest report update) and Mauritius. The deadline set to switch off analogue TV and start digital terrestrial television (DTT) signal is June 2015 (or 2020 depending on countries) by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The Niamey Conference in Niger was the opportunity to draw an inventory of the transition to all-digital electronic media in African countries. "Our discussions have also allowed us to discover that the experiences of digital terrestrial television already exist in some African countries. These great initiatives must emerge from anonymity whether from the public or private sector, to enhance , to model, to propose solutions that take into account the interests of African countries and citizens" said the president of the High Council of Communication (CsC) of Niger , Abdourahamane Ousmane.

For him however, one must not ignore the partnership opportunities available to African countries, since they are part of a win-win strategy, especially if these proposals may well enable countries to trace their routes to digital.

Facing the backwardness of Africa in the field of digital, it was also about opposing points of view of the players in this sector: media regulators, international and regional institutions, television and satellite operators.

For more details on DTT in Africa, please refer to this report