Senegalese government sets up FCFA 1 bn film fund


Brilliant at FESPACO, selected for the Golden Globes, the Senegalese cinema is back more than ever on the international scene. Recognizing this potential, the Senegalese government set up a special fund to support film directors and producers. Deadline for submission of applications is set on 31 January 2014.

In view of the recent successes of Senegalese filmmakers, the government has decided to make its contribution to support the film industry. It is through financial assistance exclusively for directors / producers or Senegalese residents named “Le Fonds de Promotion de l’Industrie Cinématographique et Audiovisuelle” (FOPICA) amounting to 1 billion CFA Franc that the public gesture will take place.

Application forms and criteria for applying available here and here:

Source: Images Francophone/sencinema, Dec. 2013.