DTT in Algeria to cover 95 % population by the end of 2014

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DTT will cover 95% of the Algerian population at end of 2014.
The generalization of DTT in Algeria will be made after the end of the year 2014, we’ve learned from an officer of the ’Entreprise de télédiffusion et de diffusion algérienne (TDA).

DTT will cover 95% of the entire country by the end of 2014, the rest (5%) of the distribution should be provided by satellite , said APS Director of Studies and Development at TDA , Shawki Sahnine on the sidelines of the seminar of the African Union of broadcasting (AUB) which opened in Algiers .

The rate of current coverage of DTT in Algeria is 50%, and mainly in the north (Algiers , Oran , Constantine, Tlemcen , Sétif ) and part of the South, Sahnine said, adding that "by the end of 2013 , it is expected to achieve 85% coverage . "

"Currently, we are installing 25 high-power transmitters to replace the low power transmitters, especially in the south and in the northern regions where coverage will be densified ," he explained, stressing that " A total of 120 transmitters will be installed before the end of 2014 ."

In addition to the major emitters, TDA is installing repeaters to cover neighborhoods or underserved areas, as is the case of the capital where the geographical terrain is rugged and steep, the official said.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) requires all member countries , including Algeria , to switch to DTT and stop broadcasting in analog .

Source: www.maghrebnaute.com