Website claims that Mactar Sylla was contacted by "emissaries" of Senegal’s Head of State, Macky Sall, to take the reins of the Senegalese Radio and Television. Mactar Sylla is tipped to replace the current CEO of RTS, Racine Talla, which is no longer in the good graces of the President of the Republic.

Macta Sylla would be back to the company he used to lead between 2001 and 2002 before being sacked by the then president, Abdoulaye Wade, to everyone's surprise. Macta Sylla retreated in Cameroon where, from March 2003 to January 2010, he was the CEO of Spectrum Television, a private group producing STV1 and 2 TV channel. He was then announced alongside Gabonese President Ali Bongo, for whom he had worked during the 2009 presidential election.

Mactar Sylla is a journalist with 30 years experience in the media sector. He was CEO of Africa Communication & Consulting, Associate Director of Performance Management consulting, Director for Francophone Africa at Africa Online, an African Internet leaders, CEO of World Space West Africa, specialist in satellite broadcasting, Director of TV5 Africa, Legal Adviser of the Union of National Radio and television Organizations of Africa (l’Union des radiodiffusions et télévisions nationales d’Afrique - Urtna), then president of the Urtna, administrator and director for media projects at Telcorp.

Sources: Agence Ecofin - | 01/07/2014.

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