Cameroon: 2nd National Channel, “La Côtière”


The Director General of the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) was in Douala earlier this week to report to the authorities of the economic capital the TV programmes of the second national television channel called “La Côtière”.

“La Côtière” provides 45 % of programmes in French, 45 % of programmes in English against 10% of programmes in native languages.

The second national television channel will highlight society. This is essentially what came out of the visit of the Director General of CRTV, Amadou Valmouke.
This desire for CRTV to establish its hegemony in the audovisuel sector occured since the liberalization of the audiovisual sector in Cameroon. It must be said that the current Director showed great concern, given the rise of private television channels installed mainly in Douala.

While it is true that the national channel is still popular among people in the political capital because it relays governmental actions, it remains true that people have always felt somewhat concerned by the proposed programmes CRTV broadcasts.

In the opinion of many CRTV remains a propaganda organ and most advertisers have turned to private channels in prime time. So with the advent of private channels silence will be broken. These will place Cameroonians at the heart of programmes’ concerns.

It should also be noted that the CRTV has an unfair advantage in competition with private channels . They benefit from estimated at nearly 8 billion CFA francs per year license fee .

Yet despite that private channels do not yet receive subsequent grants from the state, they have succeeded in beating CRTV in terms of ratings. With the establishment of this new structure , we then harvest the fruit of a new management approach, based on the obligation of results.