New Smart TV app for “Netflix of Nollywood” iROKOtv

Technology & Convergence

iROKOtv, the so-called “Netflix of Nollywood” and one of the most exciting companies in African entertainment (not to mention one of the continent’s oldest VOD services), have teamed up with Panasonic to provide the world’s first Nollywood Smart TV app.

The new app is designed to provide Panasonic Smart VIERA TV users with a catalogue of 5000+ Nollywood movies.

The app operates a freemium model; 95% of the site is free to watch. However, there is also an option for subscription service called iROKOtv PLUS where for $5 a month, users are the first to access brand new Nollywood movies and iROKOtv app releases 3 new movies every single week.

Commenting on the association with Panasonic, Ms Adi Nduka-Agwu, Head of Business Development for iROKOtv said: “We are very happy to have collaborated with one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers and this exclusive partnership between Panasonic and iROKOtv symbolises a new era for Nollywood movie distribution.