Nigeria: New Mood At OGTV Abeokuta As Amosun Insists On Professionalism


If the unfolding incidents in Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation [OGBC] is anything to go by, the State governor, Ibikunle Amosun might truly be set to transform the state owned television, OGTV from a government mouth piece to professional and people oriented TV station.

OGTV, like other state owned television stations in the country over the years has been the mouth piece of successive governments in the state. But the governor has declared "such era is gone and gone for good."

To show his resolve to taking the station away from this position, he recently came hard on its management accusing it of unnecessary projection of his office and government instead of focusing on its primary objectives and professionalism. Amosun said he was not happy on how the TV station has turned itself to be used by successive governments in the state. He insisted it must be refocused professionally.

Earlier in his inauguration speech as Governor of Ogun State at the M. K. O. Abiola's stadium, Abeokuta, Amosun said: "Some of our legacy institutions have been treated as if they are personal properties that could be treated anyhow or even disposed off without recourse to due process. A good example is the State owned television and Radio Stations"

At a media parley penultimate Friday, he decried the way the TV station has tried to cover up for him in its report on the fracas that broke out at the Secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) during its newspapers review segment. He lamented that instead of showing the headline and the content of the story as carried by the newspapers only the crest of the newspapers was carried because the station was trying to protect him and his government.

According to him: "For the first time, I will be making public my grouse against the management of OGTV. I want to say that I'm not happy at the way they have been trying to protect me or the government. The station is not Amosun's station, it is for the people of Ogun State".

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