Tuluntulu: a South African startup worth watching in 2014

Technology & Convergence

Ventureburn, with our focus on emerging markets, covered a fare amount of startups from the BRIC countries and the likes in 2013. With our eye on 2014, let’s take a look at seven startups from South Africa specifically, with Africa to follow, that caught our eye then, and are worth following into 2014.

Video streaming in Africa is still in its infancy because broadband and data connections remain expensive affairs on the continent. Most people still only access the internet on their mobiles, and a lot of them via GSM/EDGE networks that operate at speeds below 50kbps. Mobile service Tuluntulu wants to marry this unlikely pair — low data speeds, and video streaming.

Why it’s worth watching?

According to the ITU, Africa has around 63.5 mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, and that figure is growing.
Tuluntulu’s ARTIST tech, which promises to deliver unbroken video at around 30kbps, aims to service that growing mobile consumer on the continent.