Rwanda: Rura Switches Analogue TV Sets in Kigali 31 off Jan. 2014

Regulation & Policy

Do you own an analogue TV set and live in Kigali? Well, your TV set will be switched off by the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority at midnight tonight if you don't acquire a digital set top box.

"We are going ahead with the analogue switch off for Kigali on January 31, 2014 as planned. The public has been informed many times and are aware of the process," the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency managing director (RBA) Arthur Asiimwe, said on Wednesday.

RBA is the facilitator of the digital migration process. The rest of the country will switch from analogue to digital broadcasting on July 31, 2014.

All countries in the region are supposed to have switched from analogue to digital broadcasting by end of 2015.