Cameroon: World Cup 2014 - CRTV took private TVs to court

Regulation & Policy

The Cameroon Radio and television ( CRTV ) took three other Cameroonian televisions to court. In a complaint filed Dec. 3, 2013 the Public television broadcaster assigned private television Stv, Equinoxe TV and Canal 2 International before the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Mfoundi , Yaounde, January 20, 2014 .

CRTV accuses the other channels of broadcasting qualifying matches from Cameroon for the World Cup 2014 "without authorization " and " at the expense of CRTV ." Television challenged in court are accused of having ignored " warnings and bans of hacked images that were sent to them by the waves " and also " to ignore CRTV officials."

The national television of Cameroon which claims to be the "exclusive owner of the copyright of its audiovisual rights throughout the Cameroonian territory" would like to see the Court condemn Canal 2 International, Stv and Equinoxe TV for 100 million CFA francs ( 40 million for moral damages and 60 million for the financial loss ) in respect of damages and interests. It also wants to see the judge " order the immediate cessation of broadcasts of football matches which CRTV has exclusive rights by the defendants TV channels ."

There is a risk for the three defendants to pay 1 million CFA Francs for each offense.