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Fiona McGloin, Smile’s country manager for Uganda and Tanzania, says that at 250MB/day, average use is stronger than expected. YouTube is popular, and the network’s power users tend to have a lot Apple devices or are expatriates streaming TV from their home countries. The latest Apple iPad is capable of using the 800MHz spectrum that Smile has access to. Tablet growth in Uganda is strong. Full story here:

Africa TV is on the App Store on iTunes here:

With South Africa’s mobile operators targeting multi-media options, including mobile TV, as they look to diversify their portfolios, Gareth Mellon, senior industry analyst for ICT at Frost & Sullivan believes that the uptake potential is very good. Full review here:

With over 50-million Facebook users in Africa, IT News Africa is taking a look at the top 10 countries in Africa with the largest number of citizens using the service – and some of the countries in the list will be completely unexpected.