Nigeria: Pop duo, PSquare, has announced the launch of an animated TV series titled, The Alingos.


According to Square Image Associates, publicists to Psquare, the Alingos was inspired by the need to create a unique content for children and fill the vacuum in the media sphere for this demographic.

The series will initially run as a weekly web series and then on TV.

Psquare is also launching an app to connect and interact with their numerous fans and followers around the world. The app will contain an archive of exclusive pictures of P-Square, music videos including those from past albums, a compilation of all P-Square's songs, behind-the-scene videos, awards and concerts videos, concert tickets, events and tour dates as well as their flagship project The Alingos series.

P-Square app (P2) is due for release next week.

Sources from SquareVilla revealed that both the 'P2' app and 'The Alingo' animation were originated by Peter Okoye through P-Classic entertainment, an entertainment company founded and controlled by the P-Square brothers.

The outfit is aimed at producing television contents, animation, discovering and grooming young musicians, and providing an array of entertainment to Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.