TV Connect 2014: Google reveal TV “end-game”

Technology & Convergence

At TV Connect this morning, during a fireside chat with Informa’s Rob Gallagher, Francisco Varela, Global Head of Platform Partnerships, YouTube, revealed Google’s TV “end game “ when asked directly by Gallagher about Google Chromecast…

The answer he gave (if taken at face value) is a reassuring one for a watchful industry…
“The end game,” insisted Varela, “is access. How do we provide someone with a very inexpensive way to access Internet services on their TV, paralleling with their smart phone access. The end game is about filling that space between someone with a non-connected TV and someone who doesn’t.”
Well, that’s okay then.

Elsewhere in the engrossing one-on-one, Varela discussed the response YouTube received from STB manufacturers. “In the early stage,” he conceded, “we thought there might be some resistance from operators bringing YouTube into their STBs, but they’ve been incredibly welcoming.”

As for the future of YouTube, the response was similarly innocent:
“The future of YouTube? Our opportunity is huge. People come to YouTube for the content. Our challenges are sourcing the content people want and making it relevant. Speed of the video and relevance of the content are our priorities.”

Source: By Thomas Campbell March 18th, 2014 -