Ghana: Launch Factory 4th Healthline TV show launched


Launch Factory announced the launch of the fourth season of the award-winning television show, Healthline, in Ghana. The 13-part TV series produced by Launch Factory & developed by Vodafone Ghana responds to the need for credible and reliable health information for the Ghanaian population. The show addresses some of Ghanaians most pressing health concerns and changes the lives of people who otherwise would not have access to healthcare.

Through Healthline, Vodafone Ghana has brought smiles to tens of homes and communities across Ghana. Seeing people in need of urgent medical attention transformed from despair to a renewed sense of purpose has been a very emotional and rewarding journey for us, said Uche Ofodile, Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Ghana. Mrs Ofodile explained that Vodafone Ghanas involvement in the health sector demonstrates its commitment to improve the lives of communities where they operate.

For the fourth season, the 45-minute programme includes additional segments such as Street Doctor, which educates Ghanaians on first aid techniques and Case Study, an in-studio interaction segment with patients living with various health conditions.  Over the next thirteen weeks, Ghanaians will learn about a wide range of health issues including heart disease, sickle cell, diabetes, hypertension, sex, cancer, allergies and infertility, with in-depth discussions with medical experts.

Healthline is a branded content television show; an ambitious and bold initiative by Vodafone & we are really proud to be part of such a great project. said Spero Patricios, Launch Factory MD.

Over the first three seasons, Healthline experienced unprecedented success. Popularly acclaimed as the most impactful health programme to hit TV screens in Ghana, Healthline has changed the lives of more than twenty five individuals.

Source: By Ghana News