Global index: A 719% surge in mobile and tablet video time

Technology & Convergence

If you thought mobile video was growing fast, think again: it's growing incredibly fast. Ooyala's Q4 Video Index reports that time spent watching video on tablets and mobile devices is up an astounding 719% since Q4 of 2011.

In Q4 of 2013 alone, mobile and tablets increased their share of all video watched online by 43%. In fact, Ooyala now predicts that by 2016, half of all online video viewing will be done on mobile and tablet devices.

Mobile is the present and the future of video.

Ooyala has just released our Global Video Index for Q4 2013, loaded with numbers and useful tips that will help publishers and broadcasters earn more.

Key findings from Q4 include:

44% of mobile viewers' time was spent on videos longer than 30 minutes
50% of online video viewing will be done on mobile by 2016.
Connected TV users spent 58% of their viewing time on videos over 30 minutes long.

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