SUMO SPIRIT: A Storm from Egypt (from NHK TV)


A young wrestler from Egypt has taken the world of sumo by storm under the apt name of Osunaarashi ' or 'Great Sandstorm' in Japanese. It took him only 18 months to reach the top makunouchi division, where only 42 of all 600 wrestlers are admitted.

That's the fastest rise ever among foreign-born wrestlers. But fighting his way up through the ranks was no easy task. As a Muslim and the first professional wrestler from Africa, Osunaarashi was forced to overcome countless cultural differences. And he had to adapt to the spartan lifestyle of sumo wrestling under the stern but benevolent gaze of his stable master.

Tune in to discover how Osunaarashi's passion and perseverance are driving his dream of reaching the highest rank of yokozuna.

This is a 49 min. programme distributed by NHK - May 10 Sat 0:10/ 6:10/ 12:10/ 18:10 (UTC).