DStv: BBC World News, May 2014 - Innovations


As part of the BBC WORLD NEWS MAY 2014 HIGHLIGHTS, there is a TV series highly related to Africans: 'Horizons returns'.
BBC WORLD NEWS is available on DStv channel 400 (ALL TIMES SA - and subject to change).

Horizons returns - First four episodes of the eight part series air in May
Saturday 10th May at 10.30
Sunday 11th May at 16.30, 22.30

The fourth series of Horizons will explore the technologies and innovations that could transform the way we live our lives over the next few decades. 

Where will the breakthroughs come from to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the planet?

Cheaper, cleaner energy, enough food and water for a growing population, cities that work and advances in medicine that allow people to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Each programme will take one major topic and explore from different viewpoints and multi-locations with presenter Adam Shaw interviewing experts in their field ' whether a CEO, scientist or opinion former. Destinations in this series include South Korea, the US, Africa and India.