Zimbabwe: Call to Revive ZBC-TV


Gweru residents have called for the revitalisation of ZBC-TV so that it becomes a broadcaster of choice. Contributing to an Information and Media Panel of Inquiry consultative meeting in Mkoba last week, residents said Zimbabweans were shunning ZBC-TV due to substandard programmes and poor picture and sound quality.

"It is disheartening to learn that people have resorted to international broadcasters because our own broadcaster is failing to cope with the people's expectations", said one resident.

"We appeal to Government to save ZBC-TV so that it once again becomes the most popular television station in the country.

"If we are to compare the quality of programmes that we used to watch on ZBC-TV in the 1990s and the ones being aired today, it shows that the standards have dropped. Even the quality of advertisements has also deteriorated. We want our old ZBC-TV back."

Source: The Herald -  MunyaradziI Musiiwa, 29 April 2014