South Africa: SABC spin on Mbalula and sports quotas


'We will soon be releasing a fairness assessment of the (election) news coverage across all media being monitored and will be among the first to highlight concerns around fairness in content should they arise.' - William Bird -Media Monitoring Africa.

On 6 April the SABC led its main 7pm TV news bulletin with a blistering attack by Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula on the alleged lack of transformation in sport and his absolutely unequivocal threat that there would be dire consequences for any sport that did not field 60% black players. In the main, these came down to him vengefully initiating the economic and financial sabotage of the sporting codes concerned.

This was unconstitutional, illegal, contrary to labour legislation and the Olympic charter as well as the policies of the Department of Sport.

His threat took no cognisance of the fact that certain ethnic groups dominate in some sports, for example black people dominate in boxing, basketball, the 100m sprint and marathons. His threat took no cognisance of the fact that, for historical reasons, certain nations absolutely dominate in the sports which, for decades, have been a national obsession. If one looks, for example, at the individual winners of Olympic medals in badminton, China and Korea occupy the first 19 places.

In the smaller sports such as jukskei it is very probable that the majority of participants are white yet, if Mbalula had carried out his iniquitous threat they would have been denied the opportunity of representing their country in the regular competitions against Namibia simply because the sport evokes little interest among black people.

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Source: bizcommunity - Ed Herbst - 25 April 2014.