VoD: House of Lungula to Show on Buni TV


Kenyan blockbuster House Of Lungula will from next month be available on the online television, Buni.tv. With the film, available on the online platform starting May 4, Buni.tv will be piloting a pay-per-view option for new movie releases, in addition to its usual subscription model.

For Sh150 ($3.99 for the diaspora), users will be able to rent the film and watch it at their convenience during a 3-day period, and without having to subscribe to the TV's monthly premium service Buni+.

"We have been overwhelmed by the amount of people outside Kenya requesting to watch House Of Lungula. Buni.tv created the avenue that we were looking for in order to reach those people around the world," said director Alex Konstantaras.

Upon its release in February, the film caused a stir and always attracted packed audiences in cinemas both in Nairobi and Mombasa, but the limited theatre run and great word-of-mouth left a lot more Kenyans, especially in the diaspora, eager and curious. The sexy, laugh-out-loud comedy film stars among others Ian Mbugua, Lizz Njagah, Gerald Langiri and Sarah Hassan.

Source: The Star - Elly Gitau, 1 May 2014