mobiCINE Education Celebrated its 150.000th school student-viewer


On 29 April 2014, mobiCINE Education Celebrated its 150.000th. school student-viewer at the House of Culture Douta Seck in Dakar.

mobiCINE was set up as a new system of screening films designed to meet the needs and constraints of African cities.

mobiCINE is a mobile cinema that goes everywhere: in the hotel rooms but also at home, in your school or college, association, company or NGO - where you want, when you want!

Through its film projections across Africa, mobiCINE opens the eyes of thousands of school children within 60 elementary schools in Dakar (Senegal). About 80% of the movies shown by mobiCINE are African.

mobiCINE uses 5 scooters in Dakar, 3 in Bamako, and soon 4 in Abidjan. mobiCINE also has a mobiCINE-BUS in Port-au-Prince (Haiti).

With the movie you want, mobiCINE has a catalog of over 200 titles that will meet your needs for you, your students, your customers, and strengthen your messages.

Contact mobiCINE to discuss a program tailored to your needs, whether it's a special event or a regular program. mobiCINE and are funded by ACP Cultures+, the Support Programme to the ACP cultural sector implemented by the Secretariat of the ACP Countries and funded by the EU.