Zimbabwe: Digitilisation - Viewers to Buy New TV Sets


Most Zimbabweans will have to dispose of their television sets or buy the equipment that enables them to watch digitalised content when the country migrates from analogue to digital, parliamentarians have heard.As a result, it emerged that Zimbabwe may not meet the 2015 International Telecommunications Union deadline to digitalise despite the fact that some transmitters have already been installed at some sites.

Former Transmedia Corporation chief operations officer, Engineer Cloud Nyamundanda, said Zimbabweans would need appropriate technology when the country migrates to digitalisation.

He told Members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services chaired by Umzingwane legislator Cde William Dewa (Zanu-PF) in Gweru at a workshop organised by Misa-Zimbabwe on Saturday that without buying fully integrated television sets or Set Top Box (STB), Zimbabweans would not be able to switch to digital.

"For you to receive digital signal, you need to have a Set Top Box, something we can call a decoder because it decodes the digital signal," he said.

"If you don't have a Set Top Box, then you should have an integrated television set that is digital compliant that receives the standard Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial Two (DVB-T2).

"Meeting the 2015 deadline is going to be a challenge because resources need to be made available especially to make the receiver gadgets available because already the signal carrier company has already put up facilities for the transmission but in terms of receive hardware that is where there are greater challenges."

Eng Nyamundanda said on average STBs cost about US$60 each while fully integrated television sets cost about $900.

He said most of the television sets that were imported into the country and marked digital would not be able to transmit.

He said other governments in the region subsidised the STBs to enable citizens to receive the signal.

Eng Nyumundanda said Zimbabwe did not have the intergrated television.

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Source: The Herald. BY Lloyd Gumbo, 28 April 2014.