TBN's Al Horreya Network reaching nearly 400 M in the world


Al Horreya TV, Trinity Broadcasting Network's Arabic language faith channel, continues to take hope and healing to viewers across Egypt, the Middle East, and around the world.

Less than a year ago, as the people of Egypt suffered under intense political and civil unrest, with whole neighborhoods destroyed and over one hundred churches damaged or burned to the ground, Al Horreya offered a message of God's mercy and forgiveness to millions of Egyptians who had lost all hope for the future. That message continues today through the music, talk, ministry, preaching, and other programming being sent out 24 hours a day from Al Horreya's newly launched studios in Southern California.

"Over the past several months tens of thousands of individuals — Muslims, Christians, and other Arabic speaking viewers — have contacted us through letters, e-mail, and social media — to tell us how much our programming is impacting their lives, families, and communities," said Dr. Raafat Girgis, Al Horreya's program director. "Al Horreya means 'freedom,' and despite the unrest and uncertainty that permeates so much of the Middle East, millions of viewers are finding true freedom through Al Horreya TV."

Since TBN founder Dr. Paul Crouch first launched a broadcast outreach nearly ten years ago focused on Arab-speaking Muslims, Al Horreya has grown into a powerful resource reaching nearly 400 million Arabic speaking people throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the U.S., and the rest of the world.

Dr. Girgis said that for many in Muslim countries where the Bible is outlawed, Al Horreya is the only connection individuals have to the gospel message. "Many of the contacts we receive come from areas where you cannot imagine there is anyone watching," he said. "But people are watching and coming to a dynamic faith that is changing hearts and lives."

That change is coming through Arabic-language programs with titles like Visions of God, Healing Touch, Reflections, and In the Presence of the Trinity. Dr. Girgis explained that the programming is specifically designed to reach out in a culturally sensitive way to Arabic speaking individuals who have little understanding or background of the Christian faith, or who may even be antagonistic toward it. That strategy has had a dramatic impact. "We have been receiving over one thousand phone calls each month from all over the world from Arabic-speaking individuals wanting prayer for many different needs, and with a desire to know God in a personal way," said Dr. Girgis. "And these individuals in turn are taking what they are receiving back to their homes and communities."

While the predominant faith in Egypt, where Al Horreya has a large viewership, is Muslim, it also has a population of an estimated 16 million Coptic Christians. One of Al Horreya's most popular programs among Egyptian viewers is a call-in and teaching show with Father Makary Younan, a noted Coptic priest in Egypt. Dr. Girgis said that God has used Father Makary in powerful manifestations of miracles, including one amazing healing, posted on YouTube, of a blind Egyptian Muslim youth.

Father Makary's reputation as a man of God has prompted many non-Christians to tune in to his program on Al Horreya, said Dr. Girgis. "When they see the power of God at work, they are compelled to respond," he said.

Dr. Girgis recalled that Al Horreya held a very special place in the heart of the late Dr. Crouch, who lived as a boy in Egypt, where his parents served as missionaries. "One of Dr. Crouch's final acts of kindness before he passed away last November was to forward $200,000 to the head of Egypt's Coptic Church to help rebuild and restore the scores of church facilities that were damaged and destroyed during last year's unrest in Egypt," said Dr. Girgis. "That gift of love has lifted the spirits of the church in Egypt and has helped to further the gospel in this troubled land."

To find out more about TBN's Al Horreya Arabic-language network, and to watch the network online, log on to www.alhorreya.tv. You can also connect with Al Horreya at its Facebook page Here (https://www.facebook.com/alhorreyatv).

Source: Trinity Broadcasting Network - PR Newswire - May 19, 2014