Mactar Silla launches Pan-African Television in 2014


The former Director General of the Senegalese national television Mactar Silla announced in Libreville, Gabon the launch of a pan-African TV channel and a radio station emitting from Gabon.

The project, according to its developer, already has the " initial accompaniment from ORABANK and various partnerships will be announced in due course", is positioned as to " showcase emerging Africa with a base in the heart of the continent and openness to different geographical and cultural areas , especially towards diaspora . "

For Mactar Silla, despite the emergence of new entities and media offerings, despite increased presence of African satellite channels, Africa has not yet reached necessary cruising speed and exploited all the potential and opportunities of the ' media economy. Also, Africa remains marginal in the content industry, production, publishing and distribution of programs and news services, radio and television.

The vision of Mactar Silla who unveiled the project in Libreville on the sidelines of New York Forum Africa: "We aim to create and offer, from Gabon and then from elsewhere in Africa, a platform that is both a catalyst and a relay of all that is best in the continent. We, communicators, must work to help Africa and Africans to give their views and perspectives on the progress of our own continent and on the contemporary world.”

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