Detailed YouTube Revenue Analysis

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As per Balancing Act’s recent analysis, YouTube is one of the fastest growing website across Africa: the VoD portal figures within the top 5 most visited websites in each African country (see our VoD and Africa market report for more details).

For Generator Research, YouTube is one of Google's largest and most important properties which attracts more than 1 billion unique individuals each month, or around 50 percent of all internet users worldwide.

By way of comparison, Google Search attracts about 1.2 billion unique individuals each month or about 67% of all internet users.

But while it is easy to agree on YouTube's scale and the site's market-leading position, it is not so easy to estimate how much revenue YouTube generates - or if it even returns a profit.

The U.S. the number of unique viewers for YouTube has increased from 150 million in January 2012 to 160 million in January 2014. According to comScore, for the U.S., Google served 1.12 billion streaming video ads in February 2012, but by January 2014 this had increased by 158% to 2.9 billion ads;

This free research  provides a detailed analysis of YouTube's revenue and its likely level of profitability.

Generator Research estimates that YouTube’s revenues were about USD 5.0 billion in 2013, representing 9% of company revenues. This estimate includes revenues that Google earns from video ads and text overlay ads served on video content on YouTube. Revenues earned from premium content have been excluded because they represent a very small percentage of the total revenues for YouTube.

For more details, contact Andrew Sheehy, Chief Analyst at Generator Research, Ltd.