Africa: Is Rwanda Ready for Big Brother Africa?


AFRICA'S MOST popular reality TV show Big Brother is back. This year, Rwanda will participate in the show which will have representatives from 14 countries eyeing $300,000 (Rwf 210 million) up for grabs. Rwanda will take the place of Angola in the 9th season which starts on September 7, 2014.

Social critics say Rwanda's strict culture might clash with the values depicted in Big Brother Africa, which moralists across the continent have openly castigated.

The strict adherence to Rwanda's cultural norms has seen many social events not in tandem with the country's values and dignity, such as Halloween -prohibited much to the chagrin of a section of elite Rwandans.

Even during the Miss Supranational contest in Belarus last year, Rwanda's representative Aurore Kayibanda Umutesi declined to hit the stage in a bikini, citing her strong Rwandan cultural norms as the reason.

Early this month, billboards advertising Airtel Rwanda's services were pulled down after the illustration on the boards sparked controversy among a section of the public who felt it was "indecent and objectifying women."

The visuals featured artiste James Ruhumuriza, popularly known as King James, former Miss Rwanda Aurore Kayibanda and reigning beauty queen Colombe Akiwacu.

The two women were captured standing on each side pecking King James on the cheeks.

This illustration, however, did not go well with a section of the public, with claims that it portrayed the female models to have a character that the Rwandan culture frowns upon.

This culture track record has left many people wondering if Rwanda's participation in Big Brother Africa will come to pass or how much self censorship the Rwandan representatives will apply while in the house.

This paper sought people's views on what they think about Rwanda's participation in Big Brother.

Musician Senderi International Hit says the show is unethical and demeans culture.

"From the few times I have watched the show, only 20% of it is okay. Having people walk around nude, getting drunk and some engaging in sex is not a cultural revolution but rather cultural "death," Senderi says.

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