€ 685,000 for the audiovisual heritage of francophone Africa


The revival of the audiovisual heritage of francophone Africa is one of the objectives of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF in French) through a new "Digital Capital" project - «Capital numérique» in French.

It is about re-circulating hundreds of digitized works by the National Library of France (la bibliothèque nationale).

These are mainly films and television series supported over 25 years by the French audiovisual production 'Fund of the South' (Fond du Sud). These documents will experience a new distribution through 'Cote Ouest', the leading distributor of audiovisual programmes across Africa, and through VOD portal Africafilms.tv. 

The "Digital Capital" project is planned for a three years period and has an overall budget of € 685,000. The project is mainly financed by EU's 'ACP cultures +' programme which provides € 500,000 out of € 685,000 budget.


This project has a commercial aspect since archives have a market value. Potential customers are television channels which consume their own archives. There is a public interest in showing past programmes and historical documentary films.

Source: OIF and Agence Ecofin – translated from French by Balancing Act
 - Sylvain Béletre.