Exset expands value-add pay-TV ecosystems for emerging markets

Technology & Convergence

Exset, pioneer of value-add pay-TV ecosystems for emerging markets, has today announced the full launch of its DMS 2.0 technology. This allows operators to provide a wide range of value-add services over and above television channels to enhance overall service propositions and generate additional revenue.
DMS 2.0 is the second iteration of Exset’s powerful ecosystem to help monetise digital broadcast platforms and digital switchover in emerging markets. DMS bridges the gap between technology and value-added services, creating digital television platforms that provide additional services – text-based information like sports, weather and financial news through government information services to video ad insertion and NVoD – allowing digital network monetisation where previously impossible. DMS 2.0 boasts a host of backend and onscreen advances to make it easier to use for operators, while providing more powerful – and modular – value-add opportunities. All this and it’s purpose-designed to run on very low-cost set-top boxes with integrated middleware.
New DMS 2.0 onscreen capabilities include range of on-demand services as well as video and static advertising opportunities.
• Video ad insertion on the home page – guarantees subscribers view the advertisement
• Ad insertion on the EPG – reach a new audience as soon as users tune to the EPG
• Push VoD – operators can pre-load their most popular content to the viewer’s set-top box
• USB-based PVR capabilities – allow viewers to record content on a simple USB stick connected to the set-top
•“Red Button” interactive services – provide additional magazine services (weather, news or sports, for example) at the touch of a button on the remote or open up additional video from a programme stream
•Interactive advertising (“Blue Button”) service – press the blue button when instructed on a banner ad and detail will be revealed
DMS 2.0 Publisher, the backend technology that allows both network operators and third-parties to upload and edit content, benefits from a what-you-see-is-what-you-get GUI and tight workflow management for its users. Users can access the database from anywhere and with the right levels of access in place, can update TV content instantly using the template design that automatically constrains data uploading. For example, images may be restricted to small file sizes to ensure a perfect service for viewers while providing an easy management system for operators and advertisers.
Andrew Pons, Global Director of Sales and Marketing, says, “DMS 2.0 brings together a whole range of possibilities for broadcast network operators, allowing them to generate revenues from services over and above television. The whole ecosystem allows the modular deployment of services on extremely low cost set-top boxes.”
If you plan to attend CommunicAsia (17-20 June) and would like to find out more about DMS 2.0, then please visit the Exset team at stand 1G3-07 or contact Joss Armitage – details below – to set up an appointment.
Exset is a broadcast and technology solutions company set up to address the needs of digital TV operators in emerging markets that traditional suppliers of technology are not able to address. Exset delivers new business models and new revenue-generating technology as it has the experience and understanding of working with these new markets. With its headquarters in the Netherlands and offices in the UK, India and Estonia, Exset services over 10 million homes around the world