Delivering smart TV solutions on the African continent: Call for partners

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As Broadband penetration is increasing across Africa, particularly on mobile devices, urban Africans spend more time accessing videos. African TV channels, content owners, Telecoms operators are looking for expert solutions that make life easier to distribute audio-video content securely and cost-effectively.
SUMMVIEW helps Telcos, content owners and broadcasters deliver content for all on any device, any network. The company has started delivering audiovisual solutions on the African continent.

Balancing Act’s Sylvain Béletre interviewed Denis Pagnac, SUMMVIEW’s CEO. Denis is an ex-Alcatel Mobile Director: « my background has made me speak both broadcasters’ and telecoms operators’ languages, I understand their issues and I can bridge the two» he explains. The company is based in Paris and employs IT and Telecom engineers.

Q. What is your business objective ?

A. The company is solving challenges faced by Telcos, TV channels, content producers and distributors which want to offer a great mobile video experience. Our aim is to cost-effectively answer local audience needs for quality content delivery.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. For its worldwide customers, the company delivers a great user-experience for Live Video (Live TV, Events) and Video on Demand (VoD), on a large number of handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets, boxes, connected TV, and more.

It allows our customers to focus on their primary business – content creation, brand awareness, marketing and business – while SUMMVIEW team is interested in the technology complexity, CDN integration, development of consumer’s applications, web platform and content aggregation.

Q. How do you do that technically ?

A. SUMMVIEW has put in place an end-to-end infrastructure - content ingestion, encoding, CDN, content display - for an optimized distribution of live and on demand content, on multivendor devices and OS (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.).

SUMMVIEW Content Distribution Solution (SCDS) is an end-to-end “one stop shop” solution that enables distribution of live and on-demand video content to any screen. SCDS are provided as white-label and are highly customizable. The solution is delivered as a combination of software and servers and operated as a service on behalf of our customers.

SUMMVIEW’s CDS has been designed as a complete set of components that includes, but not limited to: video capture from satellite or IP, transcoding, streaming, CAS/DRM, device’s application, and analytics. SUMMVIEW’s CDS can also be interfaced with Payment Platforms, Social Networks, CRM’s or Ad Servers to satisfy any customer expectations and specifications.
Furthermore, SUMMVIEW develops online web platforms and/or customized applications for smartphones, tablets, TV boxes and TV sticks (even on hybrid networks DTH/DTT), connected TV, etc.

Our capabilities include live and on-demand video streaming, low bandwidth consumption, any mobile/wireless networks (Edge, 3G, CDMA, WiFi, etc.), Multi-platforms compatibility: Apple iOS, Google Android, Window Phones, Nokia X, etc.; Cross-platform Digital Rights Management, Analytics and so on.

We watch costs closely to make our TV solutions affordable to end-users.
We can place our servers in local data centres if and when it can lower the overall cost and bring an improved streaming experience.

SUMMVIEW therefore makes mobile video distribution, simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

Picture below: Denis Pagnac, CEO of SUMMVIEW.


 Q. Who are your clients so far?

A. Our clients include J-ONE published in October 2013, Paramount Channel published in September 2013, MTV, RFI, Trace, BET, France24, and Monte Carlo Doualiya, some of which are present in Africa.

In Africa specifically, SUMMVIEW launched back in March 2014 a Live video and VoD platform for Moov Côte d’Ivoire (ETISALAT Group) in only 3 months’ time. We also built and launched a VOD app for EbonyLife TV in Nigeria on Play Store and Apple Store in February 2014.

Content owners, content distributors, manufacturers, operators, carriers, broadcasters and, more generally, any company or organizations that wants to distribute live or on demand content to consumers, can become customers of us.

Q.What’s next ?

A. We look for potential partners that help us to further develop our local presence and the adaptation of our solutions to local market needs : telcos, broadcasters, and content distributors of rich catalogues.

We also have an innovative technical solution for DTT networks well suited for Africa.

For more information on how SUMMVIEW can help your business, email:

contact (at)

45 rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris - FRANCE
Phone : +33 1 53 10 91 66



Balancing Act's July 2014 research update on VoD and Africa counted over 80 VoD platforms, some of which are hosted in the EU.

As a point of comparison, there were 3,088 on-demand services in the European Union, according to new research by the European Audiovisual Observatory as of February 2014. Among the audiovisual services counted were 1,104 catch-up TV services, 711 branded channels of broadcasters on open platforms and 409 VoD film services. The ‘On-Demand Audiovisual Markets in the European Union’ report found the UK to have the most established services at 682, followed by France with 434 services and Germany with 330 services. There were also 223 services based in the US but targeting European countries.


In 2013 in Europe, there were over 3000 VoD services including 2459 on-demand AV services established in the EU25 with different genres and niches: 447 services were focused on films in the EU. Over 130 cinema VoD services were established in the USA and in Switzerland. 45 on-demand services were dedicated to trailers and 10 are focused on archives in Europe.




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