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With now 60 years of experience in FM radio and TV broadcast antenna systems, Kathrein – which has distributors and offices across Africa, stands out as a reliable partner in the field. The company is very well equipped to handle broadcast technologies such as DAB, DVB-T, DMB and DVB-H. Recently with the UFSconnect, the receiver specialist Kathrein has developed a system that completely simplifies the networking of different units, beyond the limits of previous individual TV solutions. Read the full story here:

IP&TV News talks to Sara Oueslati, Orange’s Content Delivery Product Manager, about Orange’s present and future involvement in OTT and CDNs. Read the full story here:

Meet the Millbug Vuya tablet, a solar-powered Android tablet developed by South African entrepreneurs Sabelo Sibanda and Thulisile Volwana. The tablet is Wi-Fi only, has a seven-inch screen, and runs on the latest version of Android’s operating system, 4.4 KitKat. It has a 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of memory, and 4GB of storage. The tablet also comes with a solar charger (the duo found that the solar panels they wanted to integrate into the device weren’t powerful enough to charge its battery) and with a detachable power bank that can be charged with the sun’s power because some of the tablet’s components melt in the sun. Read the full story here:

With its system of monitoring television HMS (Haca Media Solutions) radio press, Morocco has resolutely embarked on the road to assert its presence in the global technology market with high added value services.

South African mobile operator MTN is in talks with an Asian content provider, aiming to give South Africans access to streaming films and series, according to a report. Read the full story here:

SuperSport broadcast the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which began on 12 June in Brazil, across multiple platforms and focus on digital content delivery in the build-up and duration of the event through augmented reality, live streaming and behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of the channels’ expert panel. Read the full story here:

SuperSport has recently redesigned and rebuilt its flagship production centre, Studio 6, just in time for the kick-off of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Read the full story here: