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Africa: Pay TV subscribers base represents now over 15 Million, a 75 Million people audience as of July 2014 - and a 50% increase since 2011 - Balancing Act.

More than 7,000 filming permits were issued in Cape Town in the past year, showing that the city is a popular choice for international filmmakers, despite stiff global competition. Full Story here

Indian Ocean: Eutelsat wants to add 4 satellites in the region. In total, 11 satellites would support Africa and the India Ocean. Eight Eutelsat satellites in orbit allow routing programs of Canal Overseas (Canal+), Parabole Maurice, Orange and France Télévision (French public television). This represents 666 paid or free channels. The flow of channels is spread between different operators such as Canal+, Parabole Maurice, Orange and Digital Terestrial Television (TNT for DTT in French) of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). However, Eutelsat, through its service providers, also provides access to the Internet via satellite, as well as data transmission and direct channels of international info.
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DTT in South Africa: Terrestrial television offers remarkably little choice to SA consumers, who are limited to three SABC channels and commercial free-to-air channel Not much has changed in the past decade, except that has eaten into the SABC’s viewership while DStv, owned by Naspers’s MultiChoice, has grown steadily more dominant as consumers, unhappy at the lack of choice in terrestrial services, shell out for the satellite alternative. All this could be about to change. Full Story here