China holds a digital media forum and invites over 150 African participants

Regulation & Policy

The 2nd Forum on cooperation between Chinese and African media was held in June 2014 in Beijing. The meeting, which follows that of August 2012, was held in a large hotel in the city in front of hundreds of participants.

The 2nd Forum on cooperation between African and Chinese media gathered in Beijing, over 150 African participants from forty countries. Among them, there were Ministers of Communication and leaders of audiovisual institutions.

China was represented there by hundreds of people from government departments, the National Administration of Press, Radio, Film and Television, as well as structures such as China Central Television (CCTV), China Radio international, the film Group China, etc.

Companies operating in the communications and telecommunications sector (such as Star Times DTV which operates in 12 African countries) were also present at the forum.

Participants reflected on various topics: "Policies and regulations of the media", "radio and television digitisation", "Exchanges and cooperation between China and Africa", etc. The objectives of the forum are multiple: to promote cooperation between Chinese and African media and facilitate the exchange of programmes, share experiences and, most importantly, enable African countries to accelerate the digitization of their audiovisual content.

The issue of digitization of content has featured prominently in the exchanges between African and Chinese experts. China has a head start in this area and Africa could greatly benefit from technological innovations applied in the audiovisual sector. In this country, already forty HD channels and 150 million households are watching television through the digital network, according to figures provided by Nie Chenxi, an official of the National Administration of Press, Radio , Film and Television.

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